Upcoming brew!

So the brewing “club” that I brew with has decided we are going to explore the idea of brewing with rocks. Yes ROCKS. It called a Stein Brew and you mash like usual but then you boil using hot rocks (granite) in the boil kettle to boil instead of using a burner. So there are about 5 of us that are committed and then another several that are maybes. We plan to mash in at least 3 different 70 quart coolers and probably a few 10 gallon coolers as well, and the boil all of it together and then everyone can siphon off 5 gallons to take home to ferment. Everyone will supply their own yeast as well.  It is so far a lot of fun in the planning stages, and looking around for the kind of stones we need and finding a 60 gallon boil kettle, and blah blah blah……Yes the planning is sometimes the worst but here, doing something brand new, it is actually a lot of fun! I did go ahead and get a new mash cooler, and a new march pump to be able to do ten gallon batches so even if this brew turns out to be a disaster……………I still win! We are making this a family brewing event as most of us are married with children so we will do a bbq and have a lot of fun! We brew on the 13th of November so I will let everyone know how it goes!


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