Enjoying a black IPA and a new found passion

So when we opened up and started as a vendor on www.homebrewtalk.com a guy named John Rowley was quick to jump in and offer some good feedback and some great ideas that we immediately adapted. Over the course of the last 6 months, John and I have become for a lack of better term, penpals. We always hit up each other on facebook and send an email back and forth just checking the current status. When I started Apex, I never really dreamed I would make so many new, fast friends from all over the world just by treating them good, and going the extra mile to make sure they got what they needed from us. John recently collaborated with Sante Fe Brewing Company and designed and brewed for them a black IPA that I am currently enjoying now as I type this. Its packed full citrus hops, who as anybody who knows me knows that I am always a fan of Amarillo, Citra, Cascade and Simcoe. I have a feeling that this IPA has a good amount of all or most all of them. I can honestly say that this is one of the easiest drinking, smooth high IBU IPAs that I’ve ever had.┬áIm not 100% sure if we sold him any part of the ingredients or not, and honestly I dont even care. I am just glad that he is living the dream and turning out killer beer and that I get to enjoy the “fruits” of his labor. John……Prost my friend.

Now for the new found passion part. I have in the last month seen a larger number of brand new brewers come through my doors looking for a little hands on help selecting brewing equipment and just getting a general idea of what they can expect. One of them emailed me every few days with a status update including pictures throughout the fermenting cycle of their first brew. How cool is that????? With Facebook I just tonight watched, through a progression of pics, another couple of guys that we helped out just a couple of nights ago, brew their very first batch. Again………Awesome!

I have decided that when we move to our new location that I am going to focus on new brewers and their first brews. We will offer classes for new people, and classes on stepping from extract to all grain. I am so passionate about brewing and I love to see new people coming into their own and exploring a new way to craft something that they can call their own. Happy New Year everyone and I sincerely say thank you to all that make this possible for me!